SOS has been awarded a technical services contract from Airship of Brazil Indústria Aeronáutica Ltda (AdB). SOS is the prime contractor to AdB. Members of the SOS Team include Leidos, Aeromechanics LLC of England, and FMS Aerospace.

AdB is an aerospace company specializing in the development, manufacture, marketing and operation of lighter-than-air technology (lighter than air – LTA) system such as blimps, airships and balloons crane. The company originated in the 90s, from a project with the Brazilian Army (EB), which sought solve logistics operations in the Amazonian region of Brasil. Additionally several public and private companies have also invested into LTA solitons for Amazonian logistical problems. From the beginning, culture of innovation and research has been the hallmark of AdB.

In 2005, the company was formally established and offices set up in in the cities of São Carlos and Brasilia. Sao Carlos is an academic center of research and development of advanced technologies. AdB utilized the University of São Paulo and the Federal University of São Carlos.

AdB also has agreements in place with Electro Norte, the state power company and the Brasilian Postal Service.

Airship do Brasil and SOS attended the AdB 3-3 certification Kick-off meeting in Sao Jose Dos Campus, headquarters for ANAC, Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil, Aircraft Certification Office. AdB’s goal is to have the first of 4 AdB 3-3s flying by Dec 29th, 2015. SOS is leading the coordination efforts with the US Federal Aviation Administration New York Aircraft Certification Office. The US and Brazil have a bi-lateral agreement which allows for the exchange of flight worthiness guidelines and procedures. In the image, Airship do Brazil, the ANAC ACO Chief, Mário Igawa, his team and SOS outline the process to complete the certification and flight test for 2015.