Synchronizing Capability for Operational Precision

AEVEX delivers ISR asset and collection management support to a broad range of U.S. Government customers, utilizing expert sensor operators and ISR tactical controllers to effectively synchronize sensitive data collection in support of some of the most demanding global operations.

Over the last 10+ years, members of the AEVEX team have managed, directed, and executed operations in support of several Joint Special Operations Task Forces (JSOTFs) on three separate continents.

AEVEX has extensive experience staffing remote sensing and ISR subject matter experts for research, development, testing, evaluation, employment, and asset management across a variety of both Special Operations and conventional military operations.

Our Services:

  • Operational Employment of ISR Assets: Enduring support to a wide variety of Special Operations and conventional military mission requirements in multiple overseas conflict areas
  • Expeditionary Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (XPED AEVEX Aerospace): Provides increased mission capabilities to all customer requirements.
  • Multi-Intelligence Planning & Development: SOP and training program development for FMV PED and multi-intelligence production in support of several COCOM organizations
  • Technical Consulting: Development of enhanced mission management processes for specialized ISR flight operations
  • Research & Development: Design of multi-intelligence sensor engineering requirements to meet a variety of customer operational needs