AEVEX Aerospace ISR


AEVEX Aerospace supports some of the most demanding collection missions in the world, offering elite technical, operational, and analytics capabilities, including tasking, collection, procession, exploitation, and dissemination (TCPED) development, engineering and execution coupled with intelligence analysis and fusion.

We support the full spectrum of operations – from target acquisition through mission completion – all while focused on effectively delivering actionable intelligence.

Our intelligence services include:

  • Tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, & dissemination (TCPED)
  • ISR asset management
  • Collection support and asset management
  • Multi-disciplined data analysis
  • Multi-source data fusion
  • Intelligence analysis/fusion training programs
  • Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) design and implementation
  • Big data collection, processing and storage

Our first-rate sensor operators, analysts, and asset managers are hand-picked to meet each mission’s unique single- and multi-disciplined collection requirements, including advanced GEOINT, IMINT, FMV, MSI/HSI, COMINT, OSINT, and HUMINT.

We have experience spanning multiple sensor modalities across manned, unmanned, and space-borne platforms supporting sensitive global collection operations, and are continuously evolving the way we leverage new sensors, data collection platforms, and analytics techniques to solve increasingly complex problems.