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AEVEX Aerospace Aircraft Services


Becoming part of the AEVEX Aerospace family means joining a highly qualified and dedicated team that appreciates the opportunities and rewards that come with supporting critical, no-fail missions.

At AEVEX, you’ll find expertly-credentialed, innovative team players who are the best at what they do and constantly strive to meet high expectations in an ever-changing environment.

Currently Seeking Positions:


We employ first-rate operators, analysts, and asset managers skilled in meeting each mission’s unique collection requirements (such as advanced GEOINT, IMINT, FMV, MSI/HSI, COMINT, OSINT and HUMINT) with elite technical, operational and analytics experience. Core competencies include tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination (TCPED) development, engineering, and execution, coupled with intelligence analysis and fusion.


Our team brings versatile expertise in mission planning and flight scheduling. We have opportunities for highly qualified pilots, sensor operators, flight test engineers, launch and recovery teams, weapon loaders, sensor maintainers, avionics technicians, Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics, medical technicians, loadmasters, and other flight line personnel to operate, train, test, maintain, and deploy multiple systems across various size classes.


Our team offers the full spectrum of engineering and integration services to include aerospace, electrical, and mechanical design, as well as specialized flight test design services. We also provide highly skilled field support technicians that can troubleshoot and repair complex systems in austere environments. Our programs team manages the process of procuring and leasing non-traditional aircraft and sensor systems to government and commercial customers, adding value to our partnerships when required.